Picture Time

Sunday – April 28, 2013








More Family Time

Sunday – April 14, 2013

Cash’s “Aunt Chel Bell” came to visit last week and was a tremendous help for everyone! She even brought chicken enchiladas, frittatas, a pot pie and tons of other goodies for Ryann and me. Shortly after she left Cash’s Great Aunt Alicia and Great Aunt Suzie came to visit on the weekend! Of course, they brought homemade lasagna and peanut butter blossoms for me, but not for Ryann… They even babysat Cash so Ryann and I could go on a quick dinner date to our favorite Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. Cash can’t wait to meet his Great Aunt Cathy once her shoulder is all better!




Family Time

Sunday – April 7, 2013

Cash’s grandma traveled from North Carolina to San Antonio on Tuesday and they finally got to meet. Cash’s grandma has been an incredible help – waking up with Cash throughout the night to help feed him and comfort him to sleep, cooking for Ryann and I, cleaning around the house and everything else in between. Cash’s great aunt Jo Jo and cousin Megan also came to visit on Saturday and brought all sorts of goodies for everyone! We can’t wait to move back to Houston so we can see our family and friends more often. Cash’s grandma leaves tomorrow and we will all miss her terribly…but she will surely be back soon and Cash has some very special visitors coming up the next couple of weeks!




Evan and Easter

Saturday – April 6, 2013

For Easter Cash’s Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Cobus and cousin Evan traveled from Atlanta to Hendersonville, NC where Cash’s grandparents live. Cash is too young to travel but can’t wait to go to Houston, Hendersonville and, of course, Las Vegas. Even though Cash wasn’t there, his cousin Evan made sure to remember him on Easter. Cash can’t wait to meet his buddy, Evan. Evan has his own blog





2-Weeks Today

Tuesday – April 2, 2013

After being discharged from the hospital (again) on Friday, Cash took it easy on Saturday. Sunday was his first Easter and we went on our first walk in his Ergo carrier. On Monday we went to the pediatrician and had a great check-up. Cash has grown to 8 lbs 5 oz and is almost 23 inches! Cash is 2-weeks old today and will get to meet his other grandmother who is flying in from North Carolina to visit for the next week!





Cash – ‘H’ for Home…Again

Friday – March 29, 2013

Wednesday went well for Cash as his 24-hour cultures showed no growths. Cash was transferred from a negative pressure room in NICU (where Ryann and I had to wear gowns, breathing masks and gloves) to the IMC (Intermediate Care) sector of NICU.

Thursday also went well for Cash as his 48-hour cultures again showed no growths. Cash has maintained a hearty appetite and crossed the 8 lb. mark!

Friday morning is off to a great start. Ryann and I were expecting that Cash would be discharged shortly after 4pm – following his 72-hour cultures. Instead, Cash was discharged around10:30am and his pediatric nurse practitioner will call us this afternoon to confirm the final results from the cultures.






Cash – ‘S’ for Strong

Tuesday – March 26, 2013

Cash was having a great day today, until about 3:00pm. Ryann and I checked his temperature and it was 97.1 – yet again, below 97.7. Ryann called his pediatrician and given Cash’s brief medical history and the fact that he had not had a poopie diaper in over 24 hours, we were advised to take him back to the ER.

Once we got to the ER we quickly made our way through check-in and triage and were admitted to a room. Considering his extended hospital stay and recent trip to the ER over the weekend, the pediatrician on-call opted to put Cash through “the works” in an attempt to figure out exactly what was going on or at least rule some causes out.

I lost track along the way, but Cash had at least 2 x-rays, 2 IV’s with 3 medications, 3 draws for blood from his arms/hands, 1 draw for blood from his foot, 2 traditional catheters, 1 rectal catheter and 1 spinal tap – the entire time he displayed the strength that I never would have imagined a 1-week old infant could have. Ryann and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Cash was later admitted to NICU around 9:00pm and will remain there for a minimum of 48 hours until the final results of his blood, urine and spinal cultures are released. Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.